Rachel has worked as a motivational performance coach for 16 years. She has a playful, enquiring nature, with warmth, charm and sensitivity. She has experience of TNA, experiential design, coaching, facilitation and consulting, within the UK and abroad, at all levels. Her passion is creating core strength through greater alignment, and using creativity as a means to challenge perspectives and inspire change. She speaks French, German and basic Spanish. She studied sports coaching and holds a distinction in executive coaching. She is also a qualified Pilates Instructor and loves teaching physical alignment when she has time.


John is a natural leader, great with people of all ages. He is confident, perceptive and frank. He was a police officer for 30 years, working in the West Midlands, Hertfordshire and the Metropolitan Police. He performed a variety of roles during this time: from Crime scene investigator, to Detective, Court presentation officer, member of a SWAT team, Surveillance, Trainer and assessor. He became the Head of the Training Design and Research Unit at the Metropolitan Police. John shares the skills and techniques he learnt as a detective, in particular around non-verbal communication ~ Bodytalk for Business.






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