Facing Change is led by Rachel Turner and John Wilson, friends and colleagues, who have worked together as designers, facilitators of experiential learning events, for the past 10 years.


Rachel is a linguist, she studied French, German and Sports coaching, fascinated in particular by the mind/body connection and influence on performance, and the influential role of language.

Enjoying supporting people to be at their best, Rachel went on to study Executive coaching and quailified with a distinction in 2000. She is also a qualified Pilates teacher and loves helping people maintain vibrant energy and fitness levels.

Rachel has a playful, enquiring, and gentle nature, bringing fresh perspective, intuitive questioning skills, and a wealth of coaching tools with her.  


John was a Police Officer for 30 years, working in the West Midlands, Hertfordshire and the Metropolitan Police. He performed a variety of roles during this time: from Crime scene Investigator, to Detective, Court presentation officer, member of a SWAT team, Surveillance, Trainer and Assessor. John became the Head of the Training Design and Research Unit at the Metropolitan Police.

John shares the skills and knowledge he gained as a detective; how to read non-verbal

communication effectively~ Bodytalk for Business.






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