Facing Change is led by Rachel Turner, a creative Coach with 18 years experience of personal development, team

development and facilitation.


Rachel studied French, German and Sports coaching, fascinated by the psychological side of performance,

the mind/body connection. She learnt that physical movement was the fastest way to change state.

A lover of mountain ranges, activity and reflection, Rachel has always been happiest outdoors, in nature, experiencing

the stark beauty, joy and challenging realities of life, learning with each experience, how to live in the moment, find balance, and let go. A never ending lesson it seems!

Rachel trained to become an Executive Coach and quailified with a distinction in 2000.


Rachel's language skills, creative instinct, and ability to improvise, supported her well in her work abroad;  Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, America, Japan, Russia, the Middle East and Far East. Before leaving to set up independently as a Coach, Rachel was employed as a softskills Consultant and Trainer for an Information Security Company, designing games and activities to make cryptography meaningful and memorable.


Rachel enjoys keeping fit and sharing her knowledge of how to find alignment, balance & core strength, through Pilates.







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