Hello! My name is Rachel Turner. I've worked as a freelance coach and facilitator for 18 years. I've experience of personal development, team development, and group facilitation. Everything I deliver, I design myself.


I studied French, German and Sports coaching originally, fascinated by the psychological side of performance,

the mind/body connection. I learnt for myself, that physical movement was the fastest way to change my emotional state.

I am an artist and adventurer at heart, a lover of mountain ranges, happiest outdoors, in nature, with a mix of activity and reflection, experiencing the beauty, joy and wonder of life.

I trained to become an Executive Coach and quailified with a distinction in 2000.


I speak reasonable French and German, a few words of basic Russian and Spanish. I love languages, love learning.

My instinct for language learning and ability to improvise, supported me well in living and working abroad;  Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, America, Japan, Russia, the Middle East and Far East.

Before I set up as a Performance Coach, I was employed as a softskills Consultant and Trainer for an Information Security Company, designing games and activities to make cryptography memorable.


In my spare time, I teach Pilates. I love sharing the knowledge and skills i have gained, about how to bring our inner and outer selves into greater alignment, finding peace, balance & strength.


This October I am running a

Pilates focused retreat in the

South of France, Carcassonne.









20160702_110000 (2) Pilates retreat