"Rachel. A breath of fresh air."

~ Corporate Manager, Big Lottery Fund, Glasgow.


"The team laughed from 9am to 4pm.  All staff took part which was a great achievement and Rachel has clearly mastered the skill of facilitation – it was as though she was just one of the team.  A tonic and just what everyone needed.”

~ Marketing and Fundraising Team, St Francis Hospice, Essex.


'I always recommend Rachel as I've used her several times for different teams and each time had brilliant feedback and results. She uses different techniques to stimulate thought, challenge and provoke and I have experienced her ability to allow a team to have a very difficult conversation without anyone remotely feeling uncomfortable or vulnerable. ~ Director, Fundraising & Engagement, St Joseph's Hospice.


'Rachel provides a real sense of clarity when she helps us on various projects and events. I am certain her brain functions in a whole other way to most people, her creative ideas and way with words are truly a breath of fresh air.'

Adam Hutcheson, Internal Communications Manager, GS Planning, VWG UK Ltd


'I have been lucky enough to work with Rachel many times on different projects. It was always enjoyable, but more importantly it was motivational and inspirational. Rachel’s methods of engaging people and getting them to think differently and act creatively were quite eye-opening. The results had a very positive impact on the projects we were working on.' Russell Fewing, Global Support Director.


"Extremely engaging, thought provoking and fun!"

Director of Human Resources, St Joseph's Hospice.